I am Oksancia – a vector artist and surface pattern designer with 10 years of experience running my freelance textile design business. In this live stream webinar, I discuss my experience selling my vector repeat pattern designs on various websites and review my favorite ones that worked the best for me.I’d love to discuss this topic with other pattern designers and to discover new interesting websites that have been working well for you.

I’d love to discuss this topic with other pattern designers and to discover new interesting websites that have been working well for you.

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In this webinar I talk about:

1) On which websites can you successfully sell your repeat pattern designs based on my 10 years of experience selling artwork online.

2) How to sell your artwork online. Especially vector repeat pattern designs.

3) How to sell vector artwork on microstock websites like Shutterstock and Fotolia

4) How to sell artwork on print on demand websites like Redbubble and Zazzle.

5) How to sell artwork on Spoonflower.

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Please always remember to sell your OWN work. It might be tempting, but I know you have an amazing art inside you that you will learn how to create and how to sell it, too.

And the winner is….

For me, it is definitely Shutterstock. It has been a clear winner with stable sales through the years even after extended breaks that I took for moving to a new country, traveling, and having a baby. I also received the most custom project leads from my Shutterstock portfolio after they had found one of my vector patterns and liked it.

My Shutterstock gallery.

To become a contributor on Shutterstock click here. (This is my referral link)

Hope this information will be helpful for you to learn on which websites can you successfully sell your vector repeat pattern designs.

I am Oksancia – a freelance illustrator and textile designer who creates original repeating pattern artwork and helps bring unique concepts and ideas of my clients into the designs that are not only beautiful but also meaningful.

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Freelance Artist – Textile Designer

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