How to work with a freelance textile designer. 9 steps of a freelance project.

Hi! My name is Oksana. I am an artist, textile designer, and a creative soul.

Up to this point, I created more than 5000 vector repeat patterns and worked on more than 58 freelance surface pattern design projects. In this video, I talk about the steps involved in any textile design or surface pattern design freelance project, how to work with a freelance textile designer based on my own research and experience, and 9 steps of a freelance project.

This information is based on my own experience as a freelancer as I have been a freelance textile designer for more than 10 years now.

My Step-By-Step Guide for a Freelance Surface Pattern Design Project:

Step 1. Initial Email.
I normally get approached by a new prospective customer with a pattern idea they have for their products. We email and discuss the idea and possible styles, color palettes, and technical details.

Step 2. Short Skype Or Phone Consultation (optional)
We set up a short Skype or phone consultation to discuss the ideas, for me to see the products and to go over any questions you might have about the project.

Step 3. Contract.
I put together a short contract with all necessary information we discussed beforehand for us both to sign.

Step 4. Deposit Payment.
I email the invoice of 50% deposit payment, which is made by the customer via PayPal or another way of transaction.

Step 5. Sketch Time!
I create up to 3 sketches (either on paper or directly in digital format) for you to consider. After we discuss your feedback on the sketches, I make adjustments.

Step 6. Final Artwork.
I create a final design in Adobe Illustrator CC and show the final versions to the customer. After it is approved, I move on to…

Step 7. Final Payment.
I email the final 50% payment invoice for this project.

Step 8. Delivery Of Files.
After the payment comes through, I email a package of vector repeat pattern files (Ai, Eps, PDF) ready for production by the manufacturer to the client.

Step 9. Samples And Bragging! Yay! 😃
After the product has been created with my design, I receive a copy (or a few copies) by the product to take pictures of, showcase in my portfolio and brag about it on social media.

I hope this video has been helpful for you to learn how to work with a freelance textile designer. 9 steps of a freelance project.



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