In Ducth they have a saying: “Elk begin is moeilijk”. Which means: “Any start is difficult”. I know that since I started many things in my life and it is definitely not easy. I moved to 2 new countries and started a business, in which I had no training and experience…

This was an amazing lesson, though…

Hi! My name is Oksana. I am an artist, textile designer, and a creative soul. I have 10 years of experience as a freelance textile designer and a founder of Oksancia Textile Design Studio. My work and passion is to help my clients envision and design beautiful products that will wow and connect their customers. I am also passionate about sharing my experience of running a textile design business with fellow creatives.

Up to this point, I created more than 5000 vector repeat patterns and worked on more than 58 freelance surface pattern design projects. In this video, I talk about my experience getting started on a path of a self-taught textile designer.

I’ve been receiving many questions on how to get started and wanted to share my experience and what helped me to start and to grow my creative business.

In this video I am talking about how to start a career in textile design or how to become a surface pattern designer :

1) Call yourself what you want to become. Write it down and tell people.

2) My iStock “illustrator” story which empowered me to become a professional illustrator and later textile designer.

3) Design your patterns, order them on Spoonflower fabric, and hold them in your hands. Look at them every day. Show people. Then create more.

You can order your patterns on Spoonflower fabric here. *I am not affiliated with Spoonflower. Only have experience as a customer and designer with them.

I hope I gave you some ideas and inspiration how to start as a textile designer or how to become a surface pattern designer. Please let me know if you feel that my advice as a professional textile designer has been useful for you.\



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