Video: DIY Art Brush Roll Organizer Fun Tutorial

Hey guys! Here is my newest video and this time I put together a little tutorial for you! It is partially video, partially vector animation… Let’s get crafty and make a handy roll organizer for art brushes, pencils, other art supplies or even your makeup brushes. No matter what you are going to store and “organize” in it, the most important thing is to have fun! :)



Video: DIY Art Brush Roll Organizer Fun Tutorial


I hope you enjoy my video tutorial! Please, let me know if it was useful! If you make your own handmade brush organizer, please email me your pics! :)

For more fun videos featuring me and my adventures check out my YouTube Channel: Oksancia!


I came up with this handmade brush roll a year ago while I was attending painting courses. There’s always not enough tables for everyone’s art supplies during class. It surely can get pretty crowded and uncomfortable in the room. So I hacked Alex’s old jeans [I love “hacking” things! ;) ] and in one hour I made myself this handy little organizer-apron.


I found that in my home studio the most useful way is to tie this organizer to my easel.


But during my art classes I loved wearing it as a trendy apron ;)


I must tell you that I really enjoy creating my art videos! Even more so because of support and encouragement you all greet me with! Thank you so much! And the biggest “thank you” goes to my amazing husband Alex for all his help!


Do you have a YouTube video channel for your work or maybe for fun? Let me know! :)

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21 Jun 2011

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