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My New MOO Cards arrived!

A whole batch of new business cards, postcards and stickers with my art on them appeared in my mailbox :)

I love receiving packages from Moo! They are always printing wonderful cards and including little surprises in their packaging. I’ve been using them for years now. It seams that they are always evolving and coming up with new ways to improve their products.

Thanks Moo! :)

06 Feb 2013


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First Spring Day Brings New Excitement

Happy first spring day to everyone! :) The weather here in Groningen does not quite agree with the calendar, but I am able to enjoy this day with a little spring miracle in my home studio: first flowers on our amaryllis plant! It is really inspirational to watch it grow and bloom…

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01 Mar 2011

Promo Packages

I decided to go as prepared as I could to the Fair in Bologna , so I came up with these promo packages for handing out as my mini-portfolio’s :) They surely were very handy and made my promo’s organized and quick to find in my bag…

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07 Apr 2010