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Custom Packaging Design For Floral Simplicity Scented Sachets

First time I received the samples of my graphic design work that smelled so good! :) So excited to share a unique, creative project, on which I worked together with Floral Simplicity brand of scented sachets for home use. We created a line of 10 unique packaging designs for each scent with modern layout and a vibrant range of artwork. I love how they all turned out.

I created a hand drawn illustration for each envelope that reflected the scent and atmosphere that goes together with each aroma. The final artwork has been done in vector format.


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Cool News: My Happy Tooth Character On Animal Dental Spray Packaging

I was really glad to find out that my Happy Tooth character I drew back in 2009 is now smiling from the packaging of Zubastik – medical dental gel and spray for dogs and cats. It is a Russian product made by Api-San. Do any of you use it for your pet’s teeth? I would love to see it on the shelf of a pet shop…

Photos taken from this forum.

My Happy Tooth character is a part of a whole series of vector illustrations I created for my microstock portfolio a while back. It is very cool to see my work in action!