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Video: Oksancia’s Workplace Tour

Hey guys! Today I invite you to have a peak inside my home studio! In this video episode I show you my workplace where I spend most of my creative time behind my computer and digital drawing tablet… Hope you like it! :) I include links to all the things I use below in this post.



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29 Jun 2011

First Spring Day Brings New Excitement

Happy first spring day to everyone! :) The weather here in Groningen does not quite agree with the calendar, but I am able to enjoy this day with a little spring miracle in my home studio: first flowers on our amaryllis plant! It is really inspirational to watch it grow and bloom…

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01 Mar 2011

Rondy the Football Player Painting on My Easel

Presenting one of my newest illustrations from elephant series – Rondy the Football player (or soccer if your prefer). I’ve decided to make it Elephant number 16 in my 100 Elephants and 33 Poems project and to give you a peek into my studio ;) I managed to take a few pictures last weekend and will be sharing more soon…

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24 Feb 2011

My Little Home Studio

¬†For a long time I wanted to take some pictures of the place where I live and work and I finally got down to it :) So please, come in and take a peek at my little home studio situated in the living room of our apartment in Groningen, the Netherlands. This is a selection of pictures I took of my tools and things that inspire me while I work…

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03 Mar 2010