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Video: My Great Velomobile Adventure: Cycling In Sinner Mango Tricycle

Last weekend Alex and I were in the mood for some adventure Dutch style so we visited SinnerBikes – a very cool place in Groningen where wonderful velomobiles are created and sold. Here is my video with the information about these incredible tricycles. Watch me try one of these things out! I guess we will be buying a velomobile or two in the future… Well, we already have a dream to own a tandem bike for cycling trips, so now we need a big future garage to fit all of those future bicycles in it ;)

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09 Nov 2011

Adventure, Photos and Illustrations: Monkeys Everywhere!

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I visited a very cool zoo Apenheul located in the Netherlands. It is filled with hundreds of apes and monkeys of all sizes and characters! We enjoyed it a lot and I even got inspiration for a new pattern! :)



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Video: My Travel Sketchbook – Rotterdam

I love traveling! It is one of the greatest joys for me to get on that train and head to some inspiring place and meet some amazing people. So last weekend Alex and I hoped on a train and 3 hours later we found ourselves in Rotterdam. Take a look at my latest video taking you with us on our weekend trip, showing you my travel sketchbook, colors and brushes and how I draw and paint on the go. Ready? Here we go…

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