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Video: Rondy The Elephant Original Paintings Looking For A New Home

Yep! Finally a new video! Sorry for a big pause in uploading my videos, but I’ll try to get better and come up with something fun for you! I hope you like it! Let me know what you think of my Rondy paintings! :)



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02 Nov 2011

Underwater Adventure – New Print With Rondy the Elephant exploring sea

Finally I got to my next Rondy the Elephant illustration! I made this one a while ago, but totally forgot to post it… Oh well, now it’s here! And in time for summer vacation, fun adventures and making new friends! :) Hope you like it!



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Hiding Place – New Print With Adventurous Rondy the Elephant

Rondy is making friends while sitting in a tree. Do you know why he is sitting up there? I have the whole story for you [I heard it from Rondy himself] but I will tell you about it a bit later. For now, let’s climb the tree with Rondy… Shall we?



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19 May 2011

Work Process: Elephant In a Porcelain Shop

Hey everybody! Hope your are having a great week! I thought I would share the process behind creating my illustrations from Rondy the Elephant series. I painted my newest illo Elephant in a Porcelain Shop yesterday and was sharing the process on TwitPic and Twitter. It took me some time, but I was pleased with the result :) Here is the process…

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Rondy the Elephant loves to play music! – humorous illustration set

Rondy the Elephant loves to do all kinds of different things and one of his favorites is music. He plays the guitar like a rock star, he uses his trunk like a saxophone and his round belly like a drum. If he could do it all at the same time, he would be a true one-elephant-band :) Or maybe he can… Hm! I’ll have to pitch him this idea ;) Here is my mini series with Rondy the Elephant as musician.

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Be Warm! – Illustration Friday – Rondy in his favorite sweater

I was inspired by this week’s topic on Illustration Fridaysweater – and immediately had this idea about elephants needing an extra sleeve in their sweaters to keep their trunks warm :) It was on my mind all weekend and here you can see the result: Rondy the Elephant in his favorite yellow sweater with a cup of tea.

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14 Feb 2011


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Painting: Thrifty Squirrel

 Here I am again with my new acrylic painting “Thrifty Squirrel” :) Last week I had to take some time off my computer to get dirty with my acrylics :) This is what came out of it!

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Painting: Flowers Of Beauty

Nature is in full power already! Great to see the summer slowly coming to Groningen… Can’t help but paint bold summer flowers! Equipped with this summer mood, I present to you  Flowers Of Beauty! :)

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08 Jun 2010

Painting: Exotic

Sharing my new acrylic painting with you all – Exotic.  I really liked the combination of turcois blue, deep red and golden yellow, so I took a chance to experiment with these colors in this painting of an expressive flower.

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19 Apr 2010


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Painting: On The Street

I’m back from the Book Fair in Bologna and very glad that now I can share the things I’ve been creating for a month or so… Here is my new diptych painting with acrylics “On the street”.

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