Review: My New Business Cards, Stickers and NoteCards

I’d like to share my new print crush with you ;) I really love my new business cards and other print goodies I ordered over at Moo Europian Store. The print quality and colors are amazing and I really love the possibility to print a lot of different artworks on business cards and postcards and order them as one package! You can have all different card designs in one pack if you like! Impressive!



My crush started as I received a 200 pack of MOO Business Cards I got for free as an exclusive Istockphoto contributor. Nice, right? :) And I get to order 200 more next year… Yay! I loved the quality of the print and the idea that I could have my whole portfolio of different images printed on them. Just great! It is fun to let people look through your business cards mini portfolio and choose the card they like the most. I also loved the little box for business card exchange that goes with your order. Very useful for conferences or big meetings.

Another great thing is that every card has unique code for referrals to Istockphoto. If you register with this code, you get 10 Istockphoto credits for free and I get little something too ;) Everybody wins!


Of course, after seeing these lovely business cards I couldn’t wait to try my images out on other cool MOO print goodies and I ordered this Sticker Book! Now I have my sticky mini portfolio! :) Love it!


And finally I ordered a 16 pack of cool MOO NoteCards with my illustrations on them that turned out fabulous too. What a great idea to add little flaps to them so that they can stand on your table! A pack of size-matching envelopes included. Great!

There are lots of inspiring things and ideas over at their US and European websites. Check out for yourself. Great job, MOO!




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09 Dec 2009