My new Moo MiniCards are here!

While getting ready for Bologna Children’s Book Fair, I decided to organize my promotional materials… Here are the latest additions to my MOO collection: MiniCards with my portfolio images on them! They all turned out wonderful! :) Love them!

I ordered 100 MiniCards and used 40 of my images on them. All of them printed very nice and sharp.

I love the unusual shape of these MiniCards. Very cute!

MOO also gives you the opportunity to design the back of the card so I created the design with my avatar and details.

The cards came in a very sweet little white-and-orange box! Great design and very useful for a meeting or conference…

These little cuties will become a part of my promotional materials together with my MOO Notecards, Business Cards and Stickers :) Now off to work on my portfolio design…

See you! :)

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16 Mar 2010