My First Decorative Painted Mirror

As we’ve finished reparations in our apartment a couple of weeks ago I decided to make some decorations to brighten our place up a little bit. The first thing I did is repainted our old bathroom mirror that came with the apartment, gave it more interesting look that goes with white-gray-red color scheme in our bathroom.  It was also a really fun little project for me :)

In it’s previous life this mirror was an old wooden mirror from Ikea. The color of the wood was dark and dusty with some scratches. I’ve been wanting to remake it for a long time and finally got down to it on the last day of our reparations.

I painted the base with two layers of white color (I had some left over wall paint) and than used gray and red acrylics for a decorative floral pattern. I also took some “in process” pictures to post, but they all appeared to be very noisy. I really like how my first painted mirror turned out! Can’t wait to paint some more things for our home :)


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16 Dec 2009

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