Review: Oksancia And Istockphoto – Download 1000

It’s about time I wrote a review of my long-term relationship with micro-stock illustration and especially with Istockphoto. I waited till the day of my 1000th file download to share my experience with you all! :)

I started creating vector illustrations in October 2007.  Had a couple of days struggling with Bezier Curves, but after that I loved vector medium and I still do. It took me 2 weeks to start selling my first vectors on Shutterstock and 1 month to start up my portfolio on Istockphoto. I was lucky with the exams to both of these sites, I guess. These are two of my first vectors ever made within the first month of learning vector medium:

“Moon Story” and “Christmas Girl” did not get a lot of downloads, but I still love them as my first vector illustrations :) Since that time I’ve created more than 260 vector illustrations and most of them are now for sale in my Istockphoto Portfolio. After 1 year of selling on Shutterstock and Istockphoto I decided to apply for exclusivity with Istock and in January 2009 having 396 vector downloads I received a little crown next to my Istock avatar :) One year later I can say that I’m so glad I did. My sales went considerably up and still continue to grow after I became exclusive and I found that I work better in “quality not quantity” working process, which Istock offers.

In March 2009 I was happy to find out that my illustration “Space Buddies” had been chosen vector of the week.

Today I got my download number 1000! Yay! :D Funny thing is that it is the same illustration that was my download number 100. Some coincidence!

Here are my latest numbers on Istockphoto:


Best selling vectors:

Highest rated vectors:

I also have 7 of my  illustrations in Istockphoto Vetta Collection. Hope to add more and more in the future ;) I recently received Istockphoto Photographer status and uploaded a couple of my raster illustrations. Planning to start selling my photographs over there as well. Another great thing is that I received a wonderful free set of MOO Business Cards from Istockphoto that turned out to be a great succes!

Plans for the future:

  • update my technique and vector style
  • start creating logos for Istockphoto
  • start selling my photos on Istockphoto
  • take more active part in Istockphoto vector challenges
  • many-many more :)

After 2 years of micro-stocking work I’m happy with the results. I consider the possibility to create, learn and grow as an artist my biggest achievement so far! I hope to take advantage of this possibility to the fullest… I’m so excited about what will come next!

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17 Feb 2010

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