Promo Packages

I decided to go as prepared as I could to the Fair in Bologna , so I came up with these promo packages for handing out as my mini-portfolio’s :) They surely were very handy and made my promo’s organized and quick to find in my bag…

I had a couple of MOO Notecards (wich are now, sadly, out of production) with different illustrations from my portfolio on their front sides :) I wanted to use them as promo materials together with my Business Cards and MiniCards. I needed something to keep them all separated, protected from damage while traveling, and allow me to access them easily in my bag…

That’s when I came up with these square transparent envelopes! :) They did the trick wonderfully!

Inside each pack:

*one folded NoteCard

*one Business Card

*one MiniCard

*one sticker on top of the envelop

All with different illustrations on their front sides :)

I was also surprised that I prepared just the needed amount of these packages for all my meetings with the publishers! Yay! :)

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07 Apr 2010