My Patterns On Book Covers

I have recently composed a collection of books that have one of my vector seamless pattern designs on their cover. As my patterns are sold via microstock websites, I do not always get to see my patterns in use, but whenever I find my design on a product, it makes me happy. So here they are:

The book Clinical and regulatory Protocols (PCR): access to health network, published by Elsevier in 2012 in Brasil.


Large Print Word Puzzles book by George Bredehorn, publisher Puzzlewright, It is coming out in June 2013. Available on Amazon.


Party Planning for Children and Teens on the Autism Spectrum: How to Avoid Meltdowns and Have Fun!

Book by Kate E. Reynolds. Publisher Jessica Kingsley Pub, came out in July 2012.

Gossamer is a poetry collection that includes works by S. L. Mayes. It’s a free poetry e-book.


Premium Gifts Services promo book 2012 of German company Dirk Halfmann.

Really nice to see my work being used in so many nice ways :)


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26 Feb 2013


  • 1. Nastia says:

    Cool, Oksanko!
    How did you find them? On bookshelves, or online with Google images search?

  • 2. Nastia says:

    PS I love how you updated your blog look:) It looks really cute:)

  • 3. Oksancia says:

    Thank you, Nastiushka! Glad you like the books and website redesign :) I found the books on Google image search, where you drag and drop you picture in the window and Google looks for similar images on the web. Pretty cool :)

  • 4. PinkSodaPop says:

    Looks wonderful all of them! — Much love for all of your work…. you’re very talented!


  • 5. oksancia says:

    Thank you very much, PinkSodaPop! You kind words are very appreciated!

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