My Illustration On The Book Cover – Elas Escrevem Volume 2

I have recently found out that my vector illustration “Asleep” is now on the cover of a book! So exciting! :) Alex found it for me and I am so happy to share it with you! The title of the book is Elas Escrevem Volume 2 which means “They Write”.  It is a second part of the series with short stories and poems in Portuguese language published in São Paulo, Brazil.

Elas Escrevem Volume 2 Book Cover

The design for this cover was created by Marina Avila. Check out her portfolio! I really like how my illustration was incorporated and the vibrant colors of the layout.

Would be great to see the book in person! Maybe I’ll order it soon :)

Here is my digital illustration that was licensed from my iStockphoto portfolio for this cover design:

It always makes me very happy to see my illustrations and seamless patterns in use!

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15 Nov 2011


  • 1. Mark says:

    You “recently found out”? Did you not know that the your work was going to be used that way? I’m curious.

    Nice illustration. Awesome that it was published with the book!

  • 2. oksancia says:

    Hi Mark! Thank you! As this illustration has been licensed through iStockphoto, the designer is not obligated to share the final use with the illustrator. I found out by chance and it was a nice surprise :)

  • 3. Inspire Me :: Pattern Designer Oksancia Pasishnychenko | Thank You Summer says:

    […] on iStockphoto, where they have been purchased and used for a variety of projects, including a book cover! Not only does she create stunning illustrations, but Oksancia’s YouTube channel features lots of […]

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