I Have iPad Now!

 I finally got an iPad after months of waiting! :) It is rather special for me as when I was a child and had troubles falling asleep I would imagine a little TV that I could hide under my blanket and watch all night :) I don’t watch TV any more, but iPad is even better with all the Internet, books, sketchpad, photos and much more, that I can now hide under my pillow ;)

Here it is, Oksancia’s iPad:


I really love the sleek design, wonderful screen and fast response of this device.

I was of course very interested in iPad apps for artists and tried out Sketchbook Pro on iPad.

Already made this little finger painting of Piggy:

Great fun!


As I’m still waiting for some iPad accessories,I came up with a temporary do-it-yourself stand for my iPad using a cardboard box from Cup-a-soup 10x package. It’s a bit crazy, but totally works (I hope it survives a week or two though).

Here is a little tutorial on how to make one for your iPad:

Quick and fun! :) You can use other cardboard boxes for your stands, but don’t forget to put something heavy inside, so that it is steady.



As I collect my ideas on iPad usage, I plan to write a post on how I use iPad as an artist, so stay tuned! :)

Do you have an iPad? How do you use it?

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02 Aug 2010


  • 1. Piktorivna says:

    Congrats!!!! :)
    This is a fabulous thing!
    …and “Cup-a-soup stand” looks funny … I like it )))

    Enjoy your iPad and we’ll enjoy your new creations!

  • 2. oksancia says:

    Thank you very much, Irusia! I really like iPad :) Writing this reply from it wright now ;) Hope to draw some more on it soon…

  • 3. 25 DIY iPad Stand Ideas and Tutorials - Flux Decor says:

    […] DIY yummy iPad stand.You can make use your favorite cardboard boxes to make an iPad stand. But you should remember to put something heavy inside to keep the steadily. source […]

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