60 Cute Swatches. My Fabric Designs Are Available On Spoonflower Now.

I am happy to be back to work after a very packed with events week in Ukraine. All the traveling made a good computer brake and the weather was just wonderful… I only wish we hadn’t gotten so cold during our fishing morning. Instead of catching a fish we caught a cold :) Well, live and learn… Anyway, I have some very exciting news: my first 61 fabric swatches from Spoonflower arrived while we were away and let me tell you, I am having so much fun with them now! Check them out…

My vector patterns on Spoonflower fabric goodness! Finally! :)

Here are a couple of matching fabric combinations I put together:

Underwater Flowers Combo

Fabrics: Underwater Garden * Green Seaweed * Red Flowers


Baby Combo

Fabrics: Doodle Baby Girl * Doodle Baby Boy * Colorful Bows

Shades Of Blue Combo

Fabrics: Blue Summer * Floral Lace * Swimming Dolphins

Nature Combo

Fabrics: Green Nature * Spring Garden * Abstract Leaves

Ships, Chickens and a Beach Party Combo :)

Fabrics: Beach Party * Chicken Family * Ships At Sea

I am really impressed with the printing quality and colors! Great job, Spoonflower! :)

Chicken Family Fabric Up Close:

Now I can see (and feel) my digital vector patterns not only on my computer screen, but also on paper and fabric…

Fabrics: Elephants With Bouquets * Doodle Phones * Jumping Kangaroos

And here are all 61 proof swatches I ordered from Spoonflower. I am going to have so much fun experimenting with these!

P.S. I already have 2 sales! One time 2 yards of Red Poppies Fabric and the other one fat quarter of Elephants With Bouquets.

Funny thing is that fabric with elephants has been purchased as I was writing this post :D

Which fabric do you like?


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21 Sep 2011

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