Video: My Seamless Patterns – Handmade Scarves

Hey all! How are you doing? Hope your summer is warm and beautiful! It’s been pretty chilly and rainy here in Groningen so I decided to show you a couple of scarves I made… They are special scarves because they are made with custom printed fabric with my own vector seamless patterns on them! Check them out in my this week’s YouTube video.


Video: My Seamless Patterns – Handmade Scarves
My YouTube channel: Oksancia

I made both scarves with very-very soft cotton knit fabric printed by Spoonflower.

Can’t wait to order more and try something new ;)

Here are the two patterns printed:

Poppies textured seamless pattern


poppies seamless pattern by Oksancia

Crowd seamless pattern

Crowd seamless pattern by Oksancia

I changed the colors to purple for this one…

Fruit Characters Seamless Pattern

Fruit Kids seamless pattern by Oksancia

More seamless patterns in my iStockphoto Lightbox!

 Do you prefer printed or plain fabric for your clothes? Let me know! :)

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27 Jul 2011

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