Rondy the Elephant loves to play music! – humorous illustration set

Rondy the Elephant loves to do all kinds of different things and one of his favorites is music. He plays the guitar like a rock star, he uses his trunk like a saxophone and his round belly like a drum. If he could do it all at the same time, he would be a true one-elephant-band :) Or maybe he can… Hm! I’ll have to pitch him this idea ;) Here is my mini series with Rondy the Elephant as musician.

The Musician Series

All paintings are acrylic on paper.

Playing Guitar




Prints of different sizes are available in my Etsy shop!

Can you think of other instruments Rondy the Elephant can play? :)

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  • 1. SisterBatik says:

    Very cute!!!!

    Thank you for commenting on my thread in the Etsy Crafting in Color Team discussions – lovely to have found you : )

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