Adventure, Photos and Illustrations: Monkeys Everywhere!

A couple of weeks ago Alex and I visited a very cool zoo Apenheul located in the Netherlands. It is filled with hundreds of apes and monkeys of all sizes and characters! We enjoyed it a lot and I even got inspiration for a new pattern! :)




We liked the idea of monkeys walking around people, staring at them, playing or just minding their own monkey business. We enjoyed the most the kingdom of little squirrel monkeys and they, apparently, enjoyed something we had – our tripod! :D

Little Squirrel Monkey. Photos by Alex.

One of the monkeys looked so cute playing with his tail that Alex and I decided to record a movie featuring that little guy (or girl) on our camera. We were glad that we had our tripod with us. The monkey did not pay any attention to us preparing our camera, but the moment tripod’s legs touched the ground the monkey became VERY interested. Alex attached our Nikon camera to the tripod and looked away for a second. When he looked back the adventurous monkey was already climbing up on the tripod! Another second passes and there they come – three other monkeys started climbing following their brave leader, while we were trying to figure out what to do with the first one. He was already sitting on our camera’s screen and chewing on … a sticky paper tape that was attached to our tripod! I guess it has a tasty smell for these monkeys :)

Monkeys having an unexpected snack of sticky tape on our tripod :)

Other zoo visitors gathered around us and started taking photos of the monkeys and us. Finally Alex managed to carefully take the first monkey off the tripod, it produced a sharp sound and the rest of the monkeys who were sitting on our tripod just vanished in the nearby bushes. That was quite an adventure! :D

After we came home I remembered that I had a vector illustration I made a while ago with playing monkeys:

The monkeys from my illustration reminded me the curious ones from Apenheul so that I decided to feature them on a seamless pattern as well :)

Have a fun playful day! :)

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