In this video, I talk about how to reduce the size of vector Adobe Illustrator files and how to make Adobe Illustrator files smaller for uploading to microstock websites like Shutterstock with its file size limitation of 15 MB.

If you are struggling with too large Adobe Illustrator vector files and if you are wondering how do I make the file size smaller in Adobe Illustrator, then this video tutorial is for you.

I am talking about:
1) How to make your Adobe Illustrator vector files smaller in size.

2) How to reduce the size of your vector files for uploading to microstock websites like Shutterstock. How to reduce the size of Ai or EPD files.

3) How to comply with Shutterstock vector file size limit of 15 MB.

Why do you need to make your Adobe Illustrator files smaller?

Good question!

  1. To make your Adobe Illustrator CC software run faster.
  2. To upload and sell your vector files on microstock websites like Shutterstock.

How to check your EPS or Ai file size on Mac OS:

Method 1: Right-click on the Ai or EPS file and select “File Info”. Then look under “Size”

Method 2: Preview your files in any folder using “Show icons as columns” and look under the file preview for file size. You can fin the sale in a “list” view, too.\

how to find out the size of the vector file

Methods to make your Adobe Illustrator file size smaller:

Method 1: Make artboard smaller – really small if you have to.

I use 600×600 pixels artboard size for my vector patterns. It works well for my style. For more complex, textured vector artwork, I tried successfully 200X200 pixels artboard size.

How to make adobe illustrator file smaller in size

Method 2: Remove unnecessary panel elements from your file. 

Shift+click on the elements in the Adobe Illustrator CC panels you want to delete and click on the “trash” icon.

How to remove unnecessary panel elements in Adobe Illustrator CC

Method 3: Remove or expand any unnecessary effects from your artwork.

If your artwork has effects (drop shadow, blends, glow, etc.) that are not critical to the look of your art, consider deleting them. Keep in mind, you can’t sell artwork with these effects on microstock websites according to their rules.

Method 4: Remove or expand any unnecessary raster images (reference photos, sketches)  from your artwork.

Make sure that any raster reference files are deleted (check in layers and in Object >Show all)

Now save your file and check it’s size as shown above and you will now have a much smaller Ai or EPS vector file. You need to have your EPS file less than 15MB to be able to sell it on Shutterstock and other microstock websites.

Hope this video was helpful for you to get you started learning how to make your Adobe Illustrator vector file size smaller. Thanks for watching!




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