I often get asked how I managed to create close to 6000 vector repeat pattern designs in a matter of a few years. I gave it some serious thought and got a realization that I developed an important system and ideas how I multiply my vector repeat patterns for sale on microstock agencies and print-on-demand websites like Spoonflower. So I decided to share my system with you by creating a free ebook of ideas:

15+ Repeat Patterns From Just 1 Or How To Multiply Vector Patterns. Illustrated Checklist System


Why do you need to multiply vector patterns?

  1. Practice. To practice creating vector repeat patterns and designing new color combinations, layouts, compositions, styles, and trends.
  2. Portfolio growth. Fill your portfolio and online pattern shops with patterns faster.
  3. Reach a variety of customers. Different customers are interested in different colorways, sizes of the elements, and styles, I found that if I create only one pattern per idea, my portfolio fills up very slowly and many times, the most popular pattern comes out of these experiments 🙂

I shared the process and my thinking behind this system in this video which is Part 4 of the Patterns With Roses Video Series on my YouTube channel.

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This is my gift to you, my creative friends, for your support and amazing comments on my videos and posts 🙂 I really appreciate you and hope this ebook will help you develop your technique, style, and portfolio in no time!



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