Tutorial: Have Fun With Rondy the Elephant Coloring Pages On Your iPad

It’s time for my new freebie printable coloring page! Yay! I do hope you are enjoying these! This time I have something new for you – a quick tutorial on how to color my Rondy the Elephant coloring pages on your iPad or iPhone with your fingers. Just follow the steps below!






How to turn previews of my printable coloring pages into iPad coloring pages


You will need:

  • iPad or iPhone
  • Coloring page preview from my website (or any other coloring page previews)
  • SketchBook Express for iPad or iPhone App
  • Your fingers :)

Step 1:

In your iPad’s browser tap on the image below and save it to your iPad photo library.

To print and color this page on paper, click on the preview to download the archive, unarchive it and you have a PDF  file ready for printing and coloring fun.


Step 2:

Install  SketchBook Express iPad app. It’s free!

You can use SketchBook Pro of course too.


Step 3:

Set coloring page image on your art board:

Open SketchBook Express, tap on the “Layers” icon. Tap on “Import From” icon (Flower Plus) and select “Photo Library”. Tap “Saved Photos” and select your saved coloring page image. It will now appear upside down (I have no idea why) on your screen. Tap on “Transform” icon and then on “Flip Horizontal” icon. Your coloring page is now centered on the screen. Tap “Done”.


Step 4:

Create active layer underneath your coloring page layer:

Tap “Layers” icon. Tap “New Layer” (Plus) icon and drag that layer below the coloring page layer. Adjust the opacity of the coloring page layer to 60% by dragging “Opacity” bar to the left. Tap on your empty layer and then on your art board to start coloring.

Step 5:

Let the coloring fun begin!

Drag with three fingers down on your iPad screen for color wheel to appear. Select any brush, select your color and start coloring! :)

For iPhone finger coloring repeat the same steps, but with SketchBook MobileX.

Now you can download previews of my Rondy coloring pages or my Free coloring calendars to your iPad or iPhone, set them up in this way and save in SketchbookExpress gallery for when you need them. Just show your kids how to bring up the color wheel to select the colors to start coloring. They will take care of the art part themselves :) Once you know how to do it, it is pretty quick. It takes me about 2 minutes to make a new coloring page ready on my iPad.

“Love” coloring page has been created from my acrylic illustration “Love”.
If you want more coloring goodness check out my Rondy the Elephant Coloring Book!

Have fun coloring! :)
Email me your kids’ coloring creations. I would love to see them!

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12 May 2011

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