On My Bike – Weekly free printable coloring page with adventures of Rondy the Elephant

I loved coloring pages as a child and I still consider coloring in my sketches and selecting colors for my paintings one of the most fun parts of creating an image! I said to myself: “Could be a nice idea to start creating a freebie coloring page for all sweet kids who love coloring just as I do!” And I already have curious Rondy the Elephant to star in the coloring adventures! I asked him and he was thrilled! :0)


I live in the Netherlands – the country where riding a bicycle is a big tradition.

Can’t wait till the weather is warm enough to go cycling…

So here it is! Free coloring page number 1:

On My Bike

Click on the preview to download the archive, unarchive it and your have a PDF  file ready for printing and coloring fun

together with your little son or daughter! :D

Email me your colored in creations! I would love to see what you came up with!

This coloring page comes with my little poem:

poem by Oksancia

On my bike, on my bike…
I don’t ride, only fly.
If I sit on my bike,
All the troubles go by.
Face the wind or the rain,
Be it shadow or sun,
If I am on my bike
I do have all the fun.
Now you are air full,
So let’s go, shiny friend!
On my bike, on my bike
I will see every land.

I used my acrylic painting  Cycling as a basis for this coloring page:

For more coloring fun head over to my Etsy Shop for my Rondy the Elephant Printable Coloring Book

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  • 1. Ara says:

    Just discovered your site…love it!! It’s so adorable and my son loves it too!!

  • 2. oksancia says:

    Dthank you very much, dear Ara! :) I am so happy that you and your son are enjoying my coloring pages!

  • 3. inahashim says:

    lovely poem! Thanks for sharing. I am going to teach my students (prek) this poem.

  • 4. admin says:

    Thank you very much, Ina! I hope your students enjoy it!

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