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22 Jun 2017

How to Grow Your Repeat Pattern Gallery Super Fast? Here is My Free Illustrated Checklist ebook full of ideas.

How to multiply vector repeat patterns illustrated checklist ebook by Oksancia

Click on the image above to request it!

I often get asked how I managed to create close to 6000 vector repeat pattern designs in a matter of a few years. I gave it some serious thought and got a realization that I developed an important system and ideas how I multiply my vector repeat patterns for sale on microstock agencies and print-on-demand websites like Spoonflower. So I decided to share my system with you by creating a free ebook of ideas:

15+ Repeat Patterns From Just 1 Or How To Multiply Vector Patterns. Illustrated Checklist 


Why do you need to multiply vector patterns?

  1. Practice. To practice creating vector repeat patterns and designing new color combinations, layouts, compositions, styles, and trends.
  2. Portfolio growth. Fill your portfolio and online pattern shops with patterns faster.
  3. Reach a variety of customers. Different customers are interested in different colorways, sizes of the elements, and styles, I found that if I create only one pattern per idea, my portfolio fills up very slowly and many times, the most popular pattern comes out of these experiments :)

I shared the process and my thinking behind this system in this video which is Part 4 of the Patterns With Roses Video Series on my YouTube channel.

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This is my gift to you, my creative friends, for your support and amazing comments on my videos and posts :) I really appreciate you and hope this ebook will help you develop your technique, style, and portfolio in no time!



Little Gift For You: LOVE Freebie Printable Greeting Card

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!!!

I want to share some love with all the wonderful people who support me and my work, so I designed this little freebie printable card for you.

You can download it by clicking on the picture, print it, cut it out, fold it and share love with someone!


This card is for personal use only. If you email me the picture of the printed card, I will feature it on my blog.

Have a great, full of love, day!

14 Feb 2013

Tutorial: Have Fun With Rondy the Elephant Coloring Pages On Your iPad

It’s time for my new freebie printable coloring page! Yay! I do hope you are enjoying these! This time I have something new for you – a quick tutorial on how to color my Rondy the Elephant coloring pages on your iPad or iPhone with your fingers. Just follow the steps below!



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Bubbles – Weekly free printable coloring page with adventures of Rondy the Elephant

Hey, hey, hey, boys and girls! :D How have you been doing? I am back from my short trip visiting my family. It was a great time, but now I’m so ready to get to work again. Ideas have been pouring in lately. That’s the value of good rest! Here you have your new coloring page with Rondy the Elephant having some leisure time blowing bubbles. Have fun coloring! :)


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Sleep Tight – Weekly free printable coloring page with adventures of Rondy the Elephant

It’s that time again – time to get your crayons and felt pens! Get ready for a new free printable coloring page! :) This one in especially fun before bed time ;) Color this sleeping elephant and make your dreams just as colorful and bright!



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19 Apr 2011

Playing Guitar – Weekly free printable coloring page with adventures of Rondy the Elephant

Guitar player coloring page oksancia blog thumbnail

New free coloring page is here! This time Rondy the Elephant is playing guitar. I am a bit sad that I have never learned to play guitar myself, but Rondy has.  And not only guitar – he plays all kinds of musical instruments. He and his friend Birdie give quite a performance together… I just might learn to play myself one day due to his inspiration ;)



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On My Bike – Weekly free printable coloring page with adventures of Rondy the Elephant

I loved coloring pages as a child and I still consider coloring in my sketches and selecting colors for my paintings one of the most fun parts of creating an image! I said to myself: “Could be a nice idea to start creating a freebie coloring page for all sweet kids who love coloring just as I do!” And I already have curious Rondy the Elephant to star in the coloring adventures! I asked him and he was thrilled! :0)

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Free Printable Bunny Coloring Calendar 2011

Holiday season is here and so is my new free printable calendar 2011 as an early holiday gift to all the wonderful people who have been supporting me and my work online and offline! :) 2011 is the year of Rabbit and so my calendar is featuring cute hungry bunnies. Enjoy!

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Free bookmarklet tiles seamless patterns for preview on microstock agencies such as iStockphoto

I am happy to present a brand new tool for microstockers worldwide –  Pattern Preview bookmarklet, which shows the tiled preview of any microstock seamless pattern with one click inside your browser window. It is absolutely free and everyone can easily install it.

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