Vectors for micro-stocks tutorial

previewVectortuts website published my tutorial

“How to Create a Vector Illustration and Prepare it for Micro-Stock Sale”.

If you are starting your career as vector illustrator on micro-stock websites and want to learn some techniques then this tutorial is for you!

27 Apr 2009

“Save for stocks” script

  It is always great to save some time and this script truely helps to save you time for more creative things than saving your vector illustrations in different formats. “Save for stocks” script for Adobe Illustrator manages saving a file package (EPS 8 and two JPEGS, bigger and smaller) for micro-stock websites. Now it is for you to download.

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15 Apr 2009

Free printable coloring calendar 2009


I’ve made a free printable coloring calendar 2009 for everybody’s enjoyment!

You can download it from my blog, print it on some nice paper and color it the way you want! There is also a little giveaway! Read all the info on my blog. Happy holidays! :)