Just finished this pattern live on video for my Adobe Illustrator tutorial

Just finished creating this vector pattern with roses live on my newest video tutorial: LIVE Tutorial Part 2: How to Create Vector Repeat Pattern With Roses in Adobe Illustrator CC: http://buff.ly/2rxE31⠀

It was really fun! :) I am always a bit nervous every time I make a live video, but it teaches me so much! ⠀

I also give a little assignment for my creative friends, who want feedback on their patterns. Here it is: ⠀

Bonus Assignment:
1. Create 3 roses elements⠀

2. Create 2-3 leaves elements⠀

3. Organize in element groups⠀

4. Create a repeat pattern composition⠀

5. Post your creation on Instagram with the hashtag:⠀
#growlovecreate so that we can give feedback to each other :)⠀

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23 May 2017

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