Charcoal Drawings: Landscape And Portrait

For the last five months I’ve been drawing a lot with charcoal. It was a totally strange medium for me at the beginning and it felt limiting because of it’s lack of bright colors. But over the time, as I started to feel more confident with a stick of a charcoal in my hand, I began to appreciate the nice texture, contrast and variety of techniques this medium offers.

I really love the painterly way you can create subtle shadows and clear details on your charcoal drawings. As I still have only the drawings I created during my sessions of live model drawing and traditional drawing and painting techniques lessons, here are the two of more recent works I like…

Winter Landscape (charcoal on paper)

Portrait of a Woman (charcoal on paper)

Due to the fact that I started drawing and painting more frequently with traditional media and on much bigger sizes of supports, our living room is slowly turning into a proper art studio with all those finished and unfinished artwork around the room, stacks of new canvases and rolls of thick paper :) Maybe a bit messy, but, luckily, it is a really inspirational environment for me…

I made a couple of photos of my little studio and will be writing a post with a little peak for you ;) Here is a small preview – one of my charcoal drawings on the easel:

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24 Feb 2010

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