To help you make your dreams a reality by creating unique and special artwork for your products and wow your customers.


Deep breath!

“Artist – designer” Oksana typed in an online form one day (10 years ago) And so it all started!

Oksana Pasishnychenko – an always optimistic freelance artist, illustrator, textile, and surface pattern designer, started creating vector illustrations. Soon it turned into vector repeat pattern designs.

5000+ patterns later…

and she has been running a creative business for 10+ years and during this time, with the help of her husband, she developed a unique system of designing vector repeat patterns that grew her business 200x in 1 year. Since then Oksancia.com turned into a studio with junior artists and designers and even a Pattern Design Video School to help fellow textile designers build their creative businesses. 



    that the real magic happens when people put their talents and creativity together to work on a common goal. And it makes it so much more fun to celebrate your wins together when you succeed!


    • Seeing smiles on our clients’ faces who were able to grow their businesses with the power of art! 🙂
    • Seeing our artwork on amazing products that people use every day.
    • Receiving an email from somebody to say that we inspired them to go after their dreams

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